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Laboratory for Microclimates


Art initiative of artist Annechien Meier and filmmaker/conceptual designer Gert-Jan Gerlach

Interested in raising awareness of urban agriculture from a climate perspective / stimulating consciousness, participation and control in social and ecological surroundings

Laboratory for Microclimates

Microclimatic Heat Shelter, 2018

Laboratory for Microclimates (LfM) realizes art and film projects focused on social and ecological microclimates, aiming to raise awareness of urban agriculture. In 2017, LfM started researching the effects of climate change in Athens by looking into aspects such as temperature, wind, water, and vegetation as well as social and urban structures. In order to address the “Athenian climatic condition,” LfM built for AB6 the Microclimatic Heat Shelter, a mobile shelter which provides a cool microclimate and also functions as a social microclimate where people can meet up, relax, and inspire each other to change their personal environment into a more pleasant and climate-proof environment. The installation tackles one of today’s major challenges—ecological destruction—which forms part of many of the discomforts we experience today, the effects of which will only increase in the future.

#ecology #climatechange #urbanagriculture #personal environment #publicspace