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Public Wall

Are you ready? This is your place. This is where you act the way you like. This is where you upload your own material. Your photos from ANTI, photos of whatever you think ANTI is. Do not resist.

Public wall submissions are now closed.

dO nOt rEsIsT (by dimiticlus ) (by golubjevaite )
BE^sides (2010) abstract character on cork. Part of a collage. HE MAKES ME HAPPY (by Madcap Madeline )
VendArt anti-police subvertising art (by DNA )
Christmas spirit (by dP )
ANTI_LOVE_IS_A_RIOT!!! (by iph2 )
Sweat (by Annie wall )
Music from the Death factory (you were always on my mind) (by dna )
ΕλΩρ (by ADD1 )
6974666166 (by 6974666166 )
6974666166 (by 6974666166 )
6974666166 (by 6974666166 )
ANTi (by DimitriSofianoS )
pretend (by mmilylhm )
From my tumblr (by Fred )
A.G.A.B. (all galleries are bastards) (by dinantz )
CC(a)TV (by dinantz )
Too Much American Dreaming (detail) (artwork Jono Boyle) (by dinantz )
What is the point of robbery when nothing is worth taking (artwork Jono Boyle) (by dinantz )
Shock & Horror (artwork Jono Boyle) (by dinantz )
ACIIEEEEED! (artist Jono Boyle) (by dinantz )