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Celia Daskopoulou



  • 2006 ?
  • 1936
Celia Daskopoulou_On Duty_1974_60x50cm_1985_Courtesy of CAN Christina Androulidakii
Celia Daskopoulou_Untitled_1985_80x60cm_1985_Courtesy of CAN Christina Androulidaki

Series of paintings, 1971-1988

Member of the historic Art Group 4+ (together with Maria Kokkinou, Vaso Kyriaki, Renata Menis, and Vaggelis Dimitreas). Studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts on a Greek state scholarship (I.K.Y.), under Yannis Moralis. She graduated with distinction in 1960. In her first solo show in 1962 at Nees Morfes gallery, Athens, her subjects were landscapes, mainly house facades, with extremely vivid colors in an expressionist style. When she returned to Greece from Paris in 1970, her work shifted dramatically. Her paintings depicting women with the unnatural mask of beauty that the male-dominated society has enforced through various role-models, are replaced by a series of increasingly dark portraits that have a dramatic undertone. Until the end of her life in 2006 she had produced over 100 such portraits. Celia Daskopoulou is one of the leading painters of “psychogenic vertigo.”

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