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AnnaMaria Pinaka


Visual Artist / Works mainly in video, photography, performance 

PhD in Porno-graphing: “dirty” subjectivities & self-objectification in contemporary lens-based art  

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and six, 2018

AnnaMaria Pinaka’s work explores how “porno-graphing” can mediate domestic life in ways that may empower sexuality and embodiment while challenging embedded representations. Unexpected sexualization of moments and relations, keeping a diary, embodying “dirtiness” and avoiding the spectacular may as well draft strategies to re-appropriate the pornographic and complicate binary systems of representation. For Pinaka, playing with pornographic strategies involves self-doubt, anxiety, loss of sovereignty, and occasionally resisting satisfaction or understanding. Pinaka’s visual space renders a “dirty” domesticity, challenging the distinction between “porn” and “high art”—a “dirtiness” extending to writing and academic research. At AB6, a series of erotic drawings, kept in the form of an informal diary, are treated as primary material for a mural.

#porn #highart #dirtiness #domesticlife #sexualization #diary