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Yuri Pattison



Creating works, scenarios, and environments, often utilizing networks and networked technology, as a method to lay bare hidden architectures and system of power

public solitude (crisis cast) - border force, 2018

For the video public solitude (crisis cast) - border force, Yuri Pattison collaborated with the film and event production company CrisisCast, who specialize in role play scenarios for crisis management and disaster training for situations designed with clients according to their needs. Among the company’s clients are for instance the UK Border Force and Home Office as well as corporations and private entities. Pattison contracted CrisisCast to create a hypothetical situation in a complex socially constructed space with a set of rules and behaviors created by the artist. The installation is comprised of a piece of furniture formerly deployed in the border security infrastructure at Heathrow Terminal 1. The work points to what Edward Felten, professor of computer science and public affairs at Princeton University, has called “security theater”: the measures deployed by airports and other organizations—public and private—to create a sense of security in complying users, visitors, and clients without actually achieving or attempting to achieve any effect.

📷Nysos Vasilopoulos

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