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Wong Ping



Founder of the Wong Ping Animation Lab, creates cartoons on obsessions, lust, and unfulfilled desires 

  • Lives in Hong Kong
  • 1984
Wong Ping  An Emo Nose, 2015 Single channel video animation 4 min 23 sec Image courtesy of the artist and Edouard Malingue Gallery

Jungle of Desire, 2015

In his colorfully psychedelic, sexually explicit, and humorously absurd animations, Wong Ping comments on repressed lust, political limitations, and slippery morals. Jungle of Desire tells the story of a man’s impotence and frustration as he can’t fulfil his wife’s sexual needs. The couple decides to resort to sex work, with the wife receiving her clients in their bedroom at home. Hiding in a closet, the narrator spies on her as she is continuously visited by a cop who does not pay for sex but is able to give her “the perfect orgasm.” The husband rediscovers his sexual lust as he keeps peeking through the closet door, and the bright, lo-fi cartoon, in the style of 1990s pixelated video games, spirals into ever darker and absurd trails of violence and desire.

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