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Theo Triantafyllidis


Artist / Does art with computers

Nike, 2018

Theo Triantafyllidis creates augmented sculptures, physical entities which are enhanced by digital simulations that intend to queer virtual reality. Room-scale tracking devices allow viewers to interact with the video imagery shown on a screen, affecting the algorithms guiding the depicted action, which in turn react to their choices. In the work Nike, viewers are immersed in the studio of an artist inhabiting a gender fluid body. Simultaneously super-hero masculine and high-femme with long blue hair, the artist’s baritone voice is musing on the act of creating while working in the studio. As the sculpture is coming into being, the immersive workspace can be navigated thanks to the augmented reality technology, making each viewing experience unique.

#nike #goddess #augmented #tracking #artiststudio #algorithm #simulation