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Ted Davis


Media artist / Designer / Interaction design lecturer within the Visual Communication Institute at the Academy of Art and Design FHNW 

Focuses on design / image making via programming new and newer media / questioning the ideal and mimetic conditions digital media is asked to encompass 

youtube.pawgorithm, 2016

A youtube.pawgorithm [pɑːwgəˌrɪðəm] is a set of steps in recreating the sensation of a cat walking across the computer keyboard, sporadically pressing keys with its paws. While there is software to prevent this from happening, youtube.pawgorithm exists to help one find obscure data within online media platforms, lost to the frenzy of likes, promotion, suggestions, and views. Youtube.pawgorithm generates a paw and searches for media that was seemingly named in the same way that it’s now found. youtube.pawgorithm focuses on the Youtube platform, where 300+ hours of video have been uploaded by the time you’ve read this sentence. While getting lost in the void, hopefully this work will help you find that unique side of humanity that a 50,000,000+ viewed video fails to do.

#pawgorithm #data #onlineplatforms #youtube #views #algorithm