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Tai Shani



Interested in experimental narrative texts / the construction of subjectivity, excess, and the epic and its affects as the ground for a post-patriarchal realism

Tai Shani PSY CHIC ANEM ONE (2018)

Psy Chic Anem One, 2018

Tai Shani’s work employs text, film, photography, sculpture, and a range of context-specific performances and performative installations to build a seductive post-patriarchal world of radical femininity. Held in colorful pastels, revolving around beings evoking a slippage of gender, in her installations fiction and myth blend in immersive temples. Shani’s ongoing Dark Continent project materializes an allegorical city of women. The concept is a playful adaptation of Christine de Pizan’s 1405 pioneering feminist book The Book of the City of Ladies, wherein she revolts against misogyny and envisions a city in which womankind can flourish without oppression and hierarchy. Shani offers modular versions of this imagined city-in-time, governed by interiority and non-linear narration. In AB6, Shani presents an episode of the project DC Semiramis in which Psy Chic Anem One and those that loved Rachel seek to communicate with her from the anarchical beyond.

#timetravelling #biotechnology #oracular #futuristic #algorithm