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Sarah Friend


Software engineer / Works at a large blockchain development studio on tools for financial transparency/accounting / Creates games and other interactive experiences 

ClickMine, 2017

In her spare time, Sarah Friend designs games and other interactive experiences that challenge the ethical nest of technical systems and question established conceptions of transparency and privacy. Her recent blockchain project is ClickMine, a hyperinflationary ERC-20 token (an official protocol for proposing improvements to Ethereum) that is activated by a clicking game. Drawing on obsessive clicking games such as Cookie Clicker and Cow Clicker, this absurdist “game” burgeons on blockchain generating extra yet useless wealth through the delirious physicality of repetitive clicking. ClickMine choreographs trade culture in the age of “crypto,” blending it with the retro/analog aesthetics of the TTT building hosting AB6. In the physical space, Friend teases the visitor / participant by transitioning the metaphorical tools of branding into literal situations.

#blockchain #ethereum #crypto #clickinggame #tradeculture #branding