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Roee Rosen


Multidisciplinary Artist / Writer / Filmmaker 

Professor at HaMidrasha College of Art, Kfar-Saba, and at the Bezalel Art Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem 

Explaining the Law to Kwame, 2018

Roee Rosen’s works seek to develop mimetic strategies left unexplored—or even discarded—by the Western art canon. In Out (2010), an erotic torture session starts to resemble an exorcism. The sub spews out sentences that happen to be quotes of Avigdor Lieberman, an Israeli extreme right-wing politician. In Hilarius (2010), a female stand-up comedian employs “dysfunctional humour,” speaking of thorny issues, beyond irony—playing with the disjunctions between mimetic gestures, repetitions, and punch-lines. At AB6’s Kino, Rosen presents Explaining the Law to Kwame (2018). A lecturer analyzes the legal case of the arrest of a young Palestinian. The deft analysis of law and legislation alternates with an erotic delirium. The lecture deviates into sexual spasms and an erotic lust permeates members of the audience. Starting from fragmented references to present politics, Rosen discovers a non-dialectical method to investigate the fabled intersection between the embodiment of law and desire.

#sexuality #eroticism #politics #law #desire
Sat 10 Nov 2018
In Defence of the Dubious
Roee Rosen

Esperia Palace, KINO, 1st floor

Roee Rosen's talk In Defense of the Dubious surveys some of the "fake" identities the artist constructs: Justine Frank and Maxim Komar Myshkin. During his talk, he will present a variety of images and clips from the film Tse (Out) (2010).