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Rachel Maclean



Creates unnervingly cute videos exaggerating mainstream pop culture and the exploitation of happiness

Rachel Maclean Eyes 2 Me, 2015, 3 min digital video. video still. Commissioned by Film London for Channel 4 Random Acts  Video still courtesy of the artist. Copyright Rachel Maclean

Eyes 2 Me, 2015

Rachel Maclean’s videos are inhabited by unnervingly cute characters. Played by Maclean herself in the tradition of artists such as Cindy Sherman, they inhabit worlds of eerily uncompromising happiness. Maclean satirizes the infinite positivism of mainstream pop culture and the exploitation of emotions in late capitalism, while drawing from references such as the bubblegum glittery worlds of Tumblr and Katy Perry. Eyes 2 Me is a short clip centered on Sophie, a doll-like girl with big eyes and long lashes, as she moves through an enchanted garden inhabited by cute cyclopean animated characters. A male voiceover orders Sophie to pose and perform for the camera, reminiscent of reality television talent shows or fashion shoots. As the video progresses, his tone changes from fatherly instructive to militantly cold, while Maclean’s cartoonish character becomes more and more desperate and violent.

#positivism #happiness #tumblr #emotions #satire #cute