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A new media node for the culture sector / Part aggregator, part journal / Diffuse into various forms across platforms and channels running through

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New Models is an online landscape which revisits the Web 1.0, looking for communicative options and tools that, albeit hastily abandoned, offered handy and direct access to scholarly research, reflection, and input. The New Models online landscape aggregates mass media, social media material, and imageboard threads into a single, common, context-rich page. NEW MODELS also produce texts, visual essays, and podcasts on art, politics, pop culture, and emerging online ecosystems. Its politics of aggregation, input, and feedback circulation seek to bypass the algorithmic regulation imposed on the creative / academic / media community. They employ adaptation and intelligent centralization against the filter bubble. For AB6, New Models, taking the theme BREAKING MODELS, will produce a series of podcasts responding to the conditions of post-millennial Greece and considering the art-world, if not the creative sector at large, as an industry under disruption.

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