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Artist / Performer 

Performing with a mask as her alter ego  



Narcissister Organ Player Theatrical Performance and Film (Heart, Vagina, Hand, Poops, Puppet) (2011)

Narcissister Organ Player, 2018

Narcissister works at the intersection of performance, dance, art, and activism. In her performances, she wears a mask that brings to mind a fashion mannequin. Combining her experience in dance and commercial art, and granted with the anonymity of the mask, her performances point to gender, sexuality, race, media representation, and entertainment culture. Her feature film Narcissister Organ Player (2017), shown in the Kino device, blends documentary, animation, and performance to explore how the loss of the artist’s mother and her family history led to the creation of the masked persona. In evocative, humorous, and thought-provoking ways, Narcissister brings to the surface stereotypes, gender roles, and expectations of female sexuality.

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