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Paolo Pedercini and collaborators / Social and economic outline of digital gaming 

Produces free, short-form, lo-fi style, flash media, online games that respond to the changes within such creative industries 

Mol·lein·dus·tria / mòl-le indùstria /mòl-le inˈdustrja/ : 1. Soft Industry. 2. Soft Factory. 3. A project of reappropriation of video games. 4. A call for the radicalization of popular culture. 5. An independent game developer.

Molleindustria, Dogness, 2018, 6th Athens Biennale 2018 ANTI, photo by Nysos Vasilopoulos

Dogness (2018)

Recent developments, such as the mass circulation of the iPhone, have altered the very nature of video games by boosting the emergence of new studios and developers. Molleindustria’s Phone Story was an educational game on the labor conditions in smart phone industries. McDonald’s Video Game and Oiligarchy expose the dirty secrets of corporations and their methods to corrupt politicians. In Every Day the Same Dream, Tuboflex, and Unmanned, they reflect upon routinized life, insecurity, and everyday anxieties. The Free Culture Game and Leaky World are what they call "playable theories," radical ideas and conspiratorial scenarios explained through raw interactive templates. In Molleindustria’s recent Dogness game, dogs are lured by a “breedist dogmagogue.” Molleindustria ask: "Will they manage to become the purest and most homogeneous dog park by selectively breeding themselves and controlling immigration? Help them achieve their glorious destiny?"


#digitalgaming #videogames #creativeindusties #massproduction #economy #socialoutline


photo: Nysos Vasilopoulos, 6th Athens Biennale 2018 ANTI

Dogness, 2018
Video game
Courtesy of the artist