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Michail Pirgelis


Artist / His sculptures mine the contradictions of air travel, its physical reality and psychological import

Memory Games, 2017

Michail Pirgelis presents sculptural installations from decommissioned plane parts, offering them a second life as totems of industrial modernity. Parts of the plane’s rib, escape shoots, door and window casements, cabinet seats, turn into haunting sculptures, reworked, treated with subtle material interventions. Icarus comes crashing down in Californian aircraft boneyards and Pirgelis lurks to heal him. The image of a disassembled aircraft bears something traumatic and Pirgelis treats these relics with care, minimal meddling, peeling certain layers off to disclose a structure, respecting their history. He renders them triumphal. In his Memory Games (2017), he exposes the tortured inside structure of a spindle to highlight our false, metaphysical faith in durability.

📷Nysos Vasilopoulos

#aircraft #trauma #memory #faith #industrial #modernity