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Heji Shin



  • Lives in Berlin, Germany and New York, USA
  • 1976

Fashion Ad Campaign “Eckhaus Latta”, 2017

Heji Shin’s photographs shown in AB6 were developed as part of the Spring/Summer 2017 campaign for the New York-based design duo Eckhaus Latta. The images depict real-life couples from diverse ethnicities and a wide range of sexual orientations as they are engaging in sexual acts. The models are partly dressed in clothing created by the designers, distorting the boundaries between fashion photography, art, and pornography. The photographs shown in AB6 have been digitally altered, with the explicit parts pixelated, making the scenes simultaneously more suggestive and directing our attention towards what is deemed acceptable to be shown and what is commonly censored in media and public space.

#photography #fashion #pornography #eckhauslatta #sex #pixelated