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Georgia Fambris


Artist / Painter / Iconographer

Advertising papers, 2017 – 2018

Following a tradition of female renderings of domestic life, Georgia Fambris is painting on the pestering commercial leaflets, which are slipped under our front doors, small disruptions of the comfy home routine. The IKEA catalogue turns into a perfect canvas with its abstracted domesticity on which humanoids struggle to come to terms with animated furniture and appliances that become vehicles of self-destruction, or escapism. Are these works a contemporary homage to Virginia Woolf, a self-portrait as whipped cream, a study on domestic boredom? A chicken from the neighborhood grill is humanized in an ominous cartoonish animation, yet its indulging chubbiness makes us unable to decode if it is a sign of hidden pedophobia or mere bulimia. Fambris’s visual gibberish micro-cosmos is in a constant fever, similar to the follies of contemporary life.

Intreccio casereccio, 2017, 20 × 27.5 cm

#domestic #female #escapism #abduction #normcore #ikea