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Eva Giannakopoulou


Artist / MA on Space Strategies / Co-curator in art projects and performative event

Germany Loves Greece Greece Loves Germany, Video, 6' 40'', 2015, Eva Giannakopoulou

gynaikopaida extended family, 2018 / Germany Loves Greece Greece Loves Germany, 2015

Eva Giannakopoulou’s research-based performances include interventions in intercultural frameworks, touristic destinations, and secluded communities. Giannakopoulou explores what happens when particular groups of affinity or persons with unusual interests, vocations, and hobbies are invited to participate or present their preoccupations in the framework of a cultural event. Giannakopoulou participates in AB6 in the framework of GiGi: a Product of German-Greek Love, a Greek-German expo booth, where she invites groups of professionals of German origin or institutional affiliation to share services, specialization, and know-how.

The German-Greek pas de deux has been in the spotlight over the past ten years. GiGi builds around the story of the fruit of love of a German and a Greek. It is a tribute to Katzelmacher (1968), the famous film by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, this year marking its 50th anniversary. The then iconic gastarbeiter, with the generic name Jorgos, now becomes GiGi, the fictional son of Jorgos, who returns to Germany to find a job. History makes circles and GiGi enjoys the feel of tragedy and irony. Indeed, many Greek youngsters have recently attempted to migrate to Germany, seeking labor and / or alternative lifestyles that a city like Berlin may provide. In the framework of recent cultural flows, many German cultural workers have also relocated to Athens. Which fantasies, desires, and representations govern such flows? GiGi is less a platform and more a gesamtkunstwerk. It hosts events communicated and branded through GiGi as a product and a restaurant: a hybrid space between a Greek tavern and a German biergarten. A co-production of the Athens Biennale and Goethe-Institut Athen.
Front Deutscher Äpfel
Eva Giannakopoulou
Alexander Koch
Kosta Rapadopoulos / Jasin Challah
The Agency
The Peng! Collective

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Wed 31 Oct 2018
18:00 - 20:30
Taxi driver Poetry Workshop
Eva Giannakopoulou

Esperia Palace, GiGi, ground floor

The Taxi Driver Poetry Workshop has been conceived as an experimental and unpredictable language “class” at GiGi, a space dedicated to Greek-German love and togetherness. Through a guided tour following the flow of “German Traces”, the workshop will end up at Esperia Palace for inhabiting the space with poetic moods and performative attitudes. Language teachers, students, administrative staff of the Goethe Institute, and visual artists, will coexist considering the means of interpreting a poem through an artwork and vice versa. Based on the German-Greek stereotypical constructions occupying the Athenian streets, we will attempt to approach and poeticize our “speech” and that of the taxi drivers of our heart.

Participants: Amalia Charikiopoulou, Marios Chatziprokopiou, Alexis Fidetzis, Eva Giannakopoulou, Matthias Jakus, Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki, Dimitris Soudias, The Flower Girls, Eleftherios Varlamis Stefas, Markella Xilogiannopoulou.


Thu 15 Nov 2018
12:00 - 16:00
Eva Giannakopoulou

Esperia Palace, GiGi, Ground floor

Performative workshop in collaboration with the German School of Athens and Lambiri Schools


gynaikopaida is a research based performance inviting the students of two schools to join a drawing class. With the magic appearance of Otto and Amalia, we will attempt to rethink and reevaluate our Bavarian past at GiGi, a hybrid space dedicated to the Greek-German love. Drawing collectively will allow us to perform in an open dialogue with diverse artistic methods and much more.