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Ed Fornieles



Creates dynamic funding models based on crypto currencies

The Certificate Program, 2018 / The Cell, 2018

Ed Fornieles’s contribution to AB6, The Certificate Program, is a dynamic funding model that intends to reshape the financial mechanisms sustaining an artist’s studio. Employing Ethereum blockchain technology to store and distribute value, each certificate contains an embedded key with a scratch panel. In order to cash out, holders must scratch the panel, thus requiring them to evaluate whether the value of the certificate or the value of Ethereum is higher at the point in time. The sale value of each new generation of certificates goes up at fixed points, allowing early supporters to enjoy a low price while benefitting from the higher contributions of future investors. The video The Cel documents an immersive live action role play (LARP) and real game play (RGP) by OMSK Social Club, which invited players to leave their regular lives behind for a period of 72 hours to engage in alternate realities that confront deep individual and collective psychological patterns.

The Cel, video still

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