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An artist collective / Members Ryuta Ushiro, Yasutaka Hayashi, Ellie, Masataka Okada, Motomu Inaoka, and Toshinori Mizuno / In 2015, they opened their artist-run space "Garter" in Tokyo to curate and showcase work by many of their contemporaries 

  • Based in Tokyo, Japan
  • 2005
Chim Pom, Super Rat -Scrap and Build (2017)_Photo Kei Miyajima

SUPER RAT - Scrap & Build, 2017 / SUPER RAT, 2011

Chim↑Pom reflect on technological utopias and mass catastrophes seeking ways to embrace the “real,” the irreversible, immunizing element in global change. Their SUPER RAT projects focus on a new breed of poison-immune rats proliferating explosively in urban areas. Chim↑Pom captured some of these Super Rats with a fishing net, had them taxidermized and painted yellow to resemble the popular Pokémon character Pikachu. The artists pay attention to the prospect of co-existence between people exposed to radioactive contamination and the enhanced rats. Rats and crows are symbols of a “scrap and build” post-Fukushima humanity recycled to perpetuate itself into eternity.

SUPER RAT - Scrap & Build, 2017

#superrats #diorama #utopias #catastrophes #pikachu #post-Fukushima