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Brody Condon


Artist / Creates performative game engines honing in on the fascination and simultaneous skepticism of over-identification with fantasy in role-play, dissociative disorders, and transpersonal experiences 

  • Lives in Berlin, Germany
  • 1974
Brody Condon

Response Priming, 2018

Brody Condon’s project at AB6 explores methods in experimental psychology and radical therapy as a model for artistic practice. Condon facilitates and documents a short series of small group encounter sessions based on new experiment flow diagrams made in collaboration with psychology researchers at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. The video research document resulting from the performative sessions and a selection of flow diagram prints are installed in the exhibition. For this project, Condon develops a strand of his latest research further, employing video as research document for qualitative analysis. Issues such as the politics of therapy and the study of human behavior inspired by systems thinking are coupled here with the proposal to consider research as rebellion. Working with Athenian researchers and volunteering participants from a wide range of fields—psychology, theater, sociology, art, and more— Condon investigates psychological flow, identity slippage, and algorithmic performance. Drawing on concepts of plasticity and direct experience, this performative work investigates the body and psyche as strange material.

Månsson Lab, Stockholm University Department of Psychology, photo Brody Condon, 2018

#psychology #radical #psychotherapy #experimental #performance #flowdiagram