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Basim Magdy



Turtles All the Way Down, 2009

Basim Magdy’s film on view at the Kino device of AB6 takes its title from a popular expression referring to the problem of infinite regress. The saying, which is believed to have originated in Hindu mythology, assumes that the Earth is supported by the back of a turtle, who rests on the back of a larger turtle, who in turn rests on an even larger turtle, and so on. Accompanied by a voiceover by the artist, which imitates the scientific authoritative voice of classic documentaries and educational television programs, the film discusses the structure of scientific thought, discoveries that have informed our knowledge of the universe, and questions about its limitless expansion into the unknown. Magdy’s film is a celebration of curiosity in a time when knowledge and scientific findings are under attack by so-called alternative facts sprouting in the “post-truth” era.

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