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Agnieszka Polska


Artist / Computer-generated media / Animation, video, photography

Making illusory and fictional documentations of the present, designed to trigger certain emotions in the viewer’s brain

Interested in the ethical ambiguity of our time and the relation between individual and society

  • Lives in Berlin, Germany
  • 1985
New Sun, 2017, HD animated video Courtesy the artist and Zak Branicka Galerie, Berlin.

New Sun, 2017

In Agnieszka Polska’s video The New Sun, the sun is all you see before the final collapse of your system, your planet, your life setting—the ultimate witness of your extinction, talking you softly into the black hole of a last meditation. Suddenly, the round shaped glow of the sun becomes a camera inside a watch. We are invited to observe the world from the inside of a watch. The sun sings a gospel. The sun is dazzling yet often acts as an annoying troll, celebrating your utter decay, laughing at your misery and helplessness—alternating between mocking and vows of love. After you vanish, your testimonies to the sun will be the only words left to create a new order.

#observation #language #love #poetry #politics #fragile #catastrophe #rebirth