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Tori Wrånes



Creates performances, videos, and sculptures involving trolls and other mythological figures

1. Ancient Baby (2017) Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Danmark. Photo by Anders Sune Berg.

Ældgammel Baby / Ancient Baby, 2017

Trolls are part of the Norwegian cultural mythos and folklore. In her work, Tori Wrånes devises props such as masks and costumes for trolls, and experiments with movement and tonality of voice to play with and act out suggestive, mythological-utopian, and futuristic identities. Drawing on the magical, dream-like, and absurd, Wrånes creates alternative universes that are equally imaginative and disturbing. At AB6, her Ancient Babies float as videos in the exhibition space, pointing both to a prehistoric past and unsettling ideas of identity and nationhood rooted in mythology and folklore. Instead, Wrånes’s troll babies from a faraway past or distant future symbolize the unrestrained and limitless possibilities.

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