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Eva and Franco Mattes


Artist duo

Known for its subversive and innovative new media work

Eva and Franco Mattes Ceiling Cat 2016 Taxidermy cat, polyurethane resin, custom made hole 56 x 13 x 20 cm Exhibition view, Open Data Institute, London Photo©Theo McInnes

Ceiling Cat, 2016

The popular lolcat meme (ceiling cat is watching you) undergoes taxidermy and pops up in real space to offer a “return of the real” experience. The meme cat is an agency of otherness, a symbol of instinctual curiosity stripped off its cuteness to become an impulsive supervisor of the anonymous visitor. The cat resides in some ominous dark-web territory of brutalized bodies, vile desires, and dreadful merchants. It ruptures the layer of your routine to trigger paranoia.

Ceiling Cat, 2016

#meme #cat #lol #cute #creepy #otherness