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Anna Uddenberg


Artist / Amalgamates products from consumer culture and jet set lifestyle into twisted entities between usefulness and dysfunctional collapse

Dom Depot, 2018

In recent years, Anna Uddenberg’s sculptures have turned more and more towards functionality beyond representation. In her installations, featuring mannequins of female bodies twisted and intertwined with consumer products and accessories such as suitcases or selfie sticks, she turned human or rather post-human bodies into amalgamations between subject and object. In installations such as Cuddle Clamp (2017), she combined utilitarian items like car interiors or bolstered safety gears to create quasi commodities emerging from the luxury and wellness industry, which are both hyperboles of the jet set lifestyle and indicate its imminent psychological and economic collapse. For AB6, Uddenberg has created an installation in the form of a Jacuzzi-like sculpture, negotiating levels of comfort versus self-awareness in commercial spaces that are meant to be relaxing and intimate.

đź“·Nysos Vasilopoulos

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